About Us

About Us
Research and Development of High Speed and High Resolution 3D Machine Vision System and Smart Collaborative Robotics System
Enabling Highly Efficient Deloyment of 3D Vision Systems for Integrated Automation Enterprises.
Hinyeung Limited focuses on high-speed and high-resolution 3D cameras and smart industrial robotics systems. The accuracy of Hinyeung 3D cameras can reach up to 0.5 microns level and the frame rate is up to 310 FPS. The smart industrial robotics system developed by Hinyeung Limited includes 3D data analysis algorithms, robotics trajectory planning and positioning algorithms, etc., which improves the efficiency of setting up 3D machine vision systems. Hinyeung’s products are mainly applied in logistics, automotive, electronics and semiconductor industries.


Smart Solution

  • HY Smart Manufacturing: Depalletizing and Palletizing, Disorderly piece picking, Industrial Inspection and Measurement, etc
  • HY Lab:Combined the robotics and AI teaching systems for the smart education technology solution, including teaching workbenches, curriculum programs, etc.
  • HY Robotics Studio:Building the robotics workstation for smart retail solutions, healthcare solutions, including smart robotics coffee systems, smart robotic ice-cream systems, robot-assisted rehabilitation systems, etc.
显扬科技 智能制造 工业测量
HY Smart Manufacturing
HY Lab
智慧零售 机器人工作站系统
HY Robotics Studio

3D Machine Vision System

3D Machine Vision System
Hinyeung Super-large Visual Field 3D Machine Vision System
Large visual field, used for disordered picking, inspection and measurement; high-speed , high-precision, anti-reflection; 3D data analytic module based on AI; customized robotic guidance software, assisting customer with quick project assignments.  

Smart Industrial Robotics System

  • Compatible with a variety of industrial robotic communication;
  • Instant disordered sorting realized by inputting 3D model;
  • Supporting mixed capture of multiple objects;
  • Contains common 3D inspection and measurement tools;
  • Customized development, easy for customers to quickly deploy;
  • Contains 3D point cloud data analysis database enabling rapid deployment of machine vision system;

Smart Collaborative Robotics System

  • Independent research and development of adaptive intelligent collaborative robots;
  • Available to complex automation scenarios;
  • Human-robot collaboration (HRC);
  • Necessary functions for intelligent automation solutions supplied all-in-one;
  • Customized development, easy for customers to quickly deploy;
  • Possible to adapt in an uncertain working environment with machine vision system and AI technology combined;

HY Ecosystem+

工业相机 工业镜头 3D相机
Industrial Lens
UR协作机器人 UR机械臂 UR代理商
KUKA iiwa机械臂 协作机器人
KUKA iiwa
遨博机器人 遨博机械臂 AUBO
Franka Emika机器人 Franka代理商
Franka Emika
ABB机器人 ABB工业机器人
Robotiq夹爪 Robotiq经销商


  • Hinyeung visited by Guangdong Province Governor Li Xi and Shenzhen Mayor Wang Weizhong
  • Ding interviewed and reported by Xinhua News in 2020
  • HInyeung visited by Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam in 2020
  • Ding interviewed and reported by HK TVB channel.